Technical Support

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Sun Outages on our Cable TV System

Sun Outages or Solar interference occurs every February/March and September/October of each year, and results in the degradation or loss of satellite signal for a few minutes each day for about 2 weeks.

Note: Sun Outages do not affect internet or phone

You may see sparkles in the first days of the sun outage timeframe. It may gradually deteriorate to the point of total outage.

If any group of channels is affected for much more than 15 minutes or if all channels are affected at one time, please notify us. There may be a problem that is unrelated to sun outages or you may need to contact us.


Please note that we block SMTP on our Cable Modem Network. If you need access to outside SMTP servers, please contact us.

For other support related questions please contact us at 410-901-2224 or


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